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Monday, 13 June 2011


YEAP!, time to introduced my group mater piece of work : THE WAR ROBOT XD

Actually this was our degree project which introduce by the taylor uni where they group you with different disciplinary students to work on it. The war robot is not like what you think , is you designed a robot with attached weapon to RAM the enemy robot .These are my group member :

At first i was quite worry about my contribution toward the team as usually i'm quite a solo type person. though, but who cares rite, as long i did my job then that's ok, let the other do the rest, Its not that i being selfish, is just that i don't want to take all the credits, but then i realise that is isn't enough just to accomplish my own task. We are just first year student, we come with nothing , i can't really depend on them too much. So i decided to give them more than i can i do. Forcing myself plan more....FURTHER  ahead, not just to interfer my own robot wiring system, try help others with mechanic, drill size, finding material from markets, availability equipments and materials (well we "stole" alot of stuff from the storage room XD though). Turn out, everything works well. Although we din't manage to win the awards, HEY , WHO CARES! 


At the very beginning, our budget was about RM2000, with good motors and material, you can say it was an ideal robot. Turn out, our supervisor cut down our budget to RM300 ...!!!!! =o= ''''' . Great, now i give u a "ciplak" robot. So i refered and suggested all the motor materials to my ROV (remote underwater vehicle robot) which only cost around the same budget  

Lucky, we got sponsored, XD WOHO! We got:

*rims (toyota 13 inch)
*power window moter
*radiator fan motor 
*And the CARS HUB

Turn out the whole robot only cost less than RM160 XD, (bought only the battery)
powered car window motor

and we started with this body:
radiator fan motor with removed hub and fluntch

At the end it turn out to be this : 

How Does it work? ! ok...:

The Rim will attach on the robot so its cover the whole body (attack and defend mechanism) ...

A) the radiator fan motor will spin the rim
B) our power source for the robot , it last only 10 min :P
C) the heavy duty bearing to spin the rim
D) The powered car window  motor to mobile the robot 

we rushed all night to complete our robot: the day before the ENGINEERING Fair XP.

OUR midnight DInner, THX to JING Yi's brother for helping us to buy it XD
And same goes to the other member who rushing XD



THE Headset to control the robot ! AWESOME ! 

At the end we finally manage to show it up in the Engineering fair, somehow we were delayed as the motor's screws were broke. Lucky, we used the hot glue gun XD.


Our booth

some having fun with their mosquito killer, it does actually attract XD
HAve you seen that much of purple shirts ? XD

Well, i do really looking forward to the next project though. Too many great project wanted to purposed like 
continue the war robot project, maybe try to continue my last project( interactive whiteboard system), or organizing a national war robot competition. I dunno.......Just like to have FUN with it XD ..



  1. Hah, I never thought about using a rim as a weapon. I'm sure a rim spinning at 600RPM in front of you inspires a lot of respect.