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Saturday, 26 February 2011

KilLed TiMe

IM too Bored with my orientation week and tired of playing my computer games. So i decided to set up my very own small, cheap and "reliable" studio. XD.
And Here is my result :


Thursday, 24 February 2011

ChIna ThRouGh My EyE

During CNY, in all sudden, mom and dad decide to go china to celebrate CNY. I was so excited to get my hand on shooting picture in winter. We went Harbin and Beijing. Although the trip was over budget, i got myself many shoots of pictures.

1) The Great WAll- i was lucky to meet the first day of snow at great wall. No tourist XD 

2) Distances

3) Ray of Hope - That is my model XD, brother (Keith) 

4) Penguin Walk ? 

5) The Great Wall 

6) End of a Day

7) Half Frozen River

8) WTH 

9) Sharpness 

10) Candid shoot- meet this young beautiful lady 

11)Er xxxxx Temple XD 

12) Seem Familiar ?- always appear in drama shows

13) SnoooW ! 

14) Fully Frozen Lake- skate ? XD 

15) Dawn 

Hope U enjoyed my Pictures ^o^ Y

An unique FaMily MeMber

This is MY PET.

He is just an ordinary dog, sleep eat, play. He is 8 or 9 years old ? well can't really remember how long it was. Though he has a wife yet no puppies. T.T . 

Me and my brothers like to fool him around, instead of demanding seat or shake hands, we call him to fetch his own  bowl if he is hungry, and called us up with a deep dry "OWW" sound. Then he has to perform either one of his style or a stright combo skill ( sit down die) XD. 

At first we really din't teach him any combo skill, it just that it became a habit of doing one by one, then he became very frustrated and perform all the skills we have thought him " Sekali GUS KAO kao ", saved time .....  

ITs So FluffY ! 

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Getting Started

HI, im very new to blogger > <. Trying cracked out of my head to write something interesting.