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ThE "Fairy" StORy of My CaMEra GeArS

ok, this is kinda weird though, i always believe that camera tools does not overcome a photographer's creativity limitation, some how my my friend (u know la XD), told me i should write about my gears and she got a point that her camera has limit her photography experiences =3=...

so here it is, my camera gear.............

Camera Body

canon EOS 60D 

Very nice camera, ergonomic handling, and my favorite features... vari angle LCD panel! It served me well capturing different angle of view, coz sometime u dont want to put yourself in an awkward position posture taking pictures :P. One thing i don't like about it is that this canon 60d kinda poor in controlling noise, but still within my acceptable range XD. p/s: i should get nikonD7000 T.T


Tamron 17-50 F2.8 non vc

Superb budget lens, served me well in any photo event, sharp and fast. It may seem the focal length is limit at 50mm, but for me .....totally fine with it  mostly i shoot it at 17mm for landscape 24-35mm event and 50mm for portrait. F2.8 served well in low light condition and the Bokeh! Very great lens for beginner (i always wonder y so many new camera dslr holder love the compact zoom 18-200 mm one :(  )   one downside for this lens is that the chromatic aberration is noticeable, have to correct it at photoshop there =3= , oh ya...and the noisy focus motor T.T

TOKINA 11-16mm F2.8   
My ULTra Wide Angle lens, a great lens for my landscape photography, it also gave me the advantage of F2.8 shooting in night ! accurate and silent focusing ^^Y. one downgrade of this lens is that chromatic aberration is noticeable and some lens flare :(.


Yongnuo 565EX 

^^, what else i can say about this baby, Cheap, nice performance, and high guide number, Before i bought this, i was stuck in between this flash and nissin 622 mark2, both were equally great, but this yongnuo has a lcd panel and higher guide number ..^^ ~~win ! Then, i quickly ran to lowyat to get it just right after this flash was launched. .........but the whole building dint sell it T.T, no choice, so i get online. i know i should buy it online at first but all i wanted is to have some hand on experience. The online seller was not bad, very nice polite person with reasonable price goods, feel free to check out his online store .

Flash trigger

Get more creative with off camera flash ^^, this baby just did the right job for me, some more it can used as wireless remote triger!!! but i lost the cable T3T. no!!!! so plan to get a wired remote =3=. btw superb gadget!


Benro 550EX

Believe or not, this is the best budget STEADY tripod i've ever experience, although almost same as jusino and some others brand tripod, but it's features suited my way of photography, feel so "less worry" while carrying it around with me ^^. Kinda heavy though o.0...YEE!! super like the quick release plate!!! so bye bye my cheapo tripod >3<


Kata D3n1-11 

A present Gift From My Anne AunT  ^^Y, although is not branded or super famous as "lowepro", this bag features really attract me, cheap, high quality made, its can be transformed from sling bag to backpack and is super ergonomics, just like this :


so what your story of ur camera gear ? XD

ops, gonna update real soon, coz new gear coming in ^^Y

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