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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Bits and Pieces of 2013 and 2014

Its been awhile since my last post blog, is been a really busy year for me. All my time was just , studying , playing, eating, studying, eating, eating,eating,a little bit of photography and eating.

Meet a lot new awesome friends which came from different "gang", i called them the 

63 gang ,

 91 directions.

 the dean's court. 

oh wait...there is even more :3 

so let me summarize what i have done  in 2014 , if i'm able to recall ..hehe

2014 was my 3rd year of study, most of the subject that i have enrolled was biased toward electronic fields, which I'm really interested in. However, these subject was really tough understand, not really about the understanding part, is more like more on critical thinking, for example, building complex codes where the time you have really no idea on your coding error, even worst, you have no idea why your coding works :3 . AND!!! lot of assignments ssssssss. 

Moving on, 

Cooking, oh yessss.....foooood .. it really hard not to miss the Malaysia food, especially the NASI LEmak!  The only way to get these Malaysia food in uk is either u spend your money on buying it ....or making a few Skype call to your chef advisory ( my mom ) . 

well, of cause u still can get some descent food in UK , but,,,,,,, a food without rice.....don't even think about it :3 , i live for the rice and i will die for Rice! LONG LIVE RICE! 

well, i cant really remember how many dishes i have cooked ( basically is like every 2 meal a day) , but i will definitely post some new pictures every meal i have cooked from now on. finger pinky !  

Moreover , England is the land of football fans, the Barclay premier league . At first i'm not fan of football, i don't even know the name of the clubs and is like im the only guy in my friend who know nothing on football, i just realize there is Offside rule thingy in football :3 , even my friends knew about football better than me. And then i got influence by this guy  "Gan Chee Heing", a die hard Chelsea fan and a walking football Wikipedia, i got start playing FIFA on my mobile where u can build ur ultimate team by earning coins to buy new player, and there where i get to know most of the football player name. 

later on, i was connived by him to spend a little bit money ( 45 pound T.T)  to watch real live football match, the Aston army against the Blue devil, i called. Although we are supporting the blue, but our seat is within the Aston army. :P we are the Blue spy. 

and below, will be the presentation from my girlfriend, her very own first blog, oh well, she just being lazy to start her own blog :3 , so we decided to share our life experiences in the same blog, hope u guys enjoy it :) . she is very shy tho ..... 

Hey guys!! I really have no idea how to start this blog and my mind is basically blank right now haha. Oh well, hmmm, let's talk about my very first photography experience! Having read the previous posts, you may find out that my boyfriend is quite a good photographer, well, at least he is way much better than I do. 

First things first, a good quality camera is what is needed for a photography dummy like me. Like many of the girls who care about fashion and clothing more than anything else in the world (p/s: no offence to anyone), I leave my camera selection to my boyfriend, with only two main things that I am concerned in my new camera: lightweight for travelling with good specifications and also not too costly. Being a Malaysian student in the United Kingdom (with increased in Malaysian Ringgit against British Pounds), I try to save cost if possible and a little 'kiamsiapness' took over me. After searching high and low for the cheapest bargain, I bought my camera at PC Curry's which offer a price of 360 pounds, a fair price for such good quality camera and also, I got another free zoom lens with the purchase! Haha, typical Malaysian when you see something's FREE!! 

So, this is what I got for my new gear: a Fujifilm X-M1! Quite vintage looking right? That is the first thing that caught my attention to this camera! 

After having a photography session for dummies by my boyfriend, I begin to familiarise with my camera using manual mode. Here is what I personally think about my camera: it is quite handy and easy to manage, also very convenient to bring around, especially during travelling. Also, it has good quality images, comparable to a DSLR. I strongly recommend this camera! Having numerous bonding sessions with my camera, my love for her (yes, my camera is a 'She') begin to grow. Ohh....I just can't help falling in love with her! Hmmm....maybe I should give her a name? 

Moving on to my shopping experiences in UK............

I am pretty impressed with the online shopping system in the United Kingdom. It is sooo amazing that literally anything that you can think of can be purchased online here. I guess online shopping is suitable for a person like me who can spent the entire day at 1 Utama or Sunway Pyramid searching for my desired outfit and at the end of the day, I went home empty handed. Online shopping saves me a lot of time and hassles of driving to the shopping mall (trouble finding parking, petrol and most importantly TRAFFIC JAM! Oh I really dislike traffic jams). 

Not to forget, there is one important thing that should not be missed in online shopping in the UK, which is.........FREE RETURNS! Most of the online shops offer free return services and also free delivery for a minimum purchase. I remembered that I used to purchase unnecessary items in order to exceed the minimum purchase to avoid delivery charges ( delivery fees charges from 3 pounds to 6 pounds). After I obtained my desired items, I return those unnecessary items. In this case, I get what I want and also I avoid the delivery charges! Killed two birds with one stones!! I'm pretty sure I am not the only one who is doing this hahaha (I knew some of my friends who did this all the time XD) 

I only do online shopping when there is a massive seasonal sales! You will be surprised how things can be so cheap. Clothes can be sold as low as 2 pounds (good quality brands like H&M). Can you believe that the stripe skirt from H&M that I am wearing in the picture below costs me only 3 pounds (RM 15)?? 

Last but not least, another cheap bargain that I got is the body lotion from Crabtree & Evelyn. Back in Malaysia, I used brands like Nivea and Vaseline, which is offers fair price for a good quality lotion. I have never heard of Crabtree & Evelyn until I came to UK. After getting very good reviews from my friends and housemates, I am quite tempted to try it. However, the price of the products causes me to have a second thought (a 500 ml body lotion costs 20 pounds, which is considered quite expensive for me). So the little 'kiamsiapness' in me told me to wait for its' sales period. I waited and waited.......finally the sales period arrivess!!!! Woohoo!! Time for me to get some cheap bargain again! I enjoyed the feeling of purchasing things at a much lower price compared to the original price!! Hahaa being a little over excited now....okay back to the topic! So I managed to purchase 500ml body lotion at a price of 10 pounds (~RM50+) ! A consumer friendly lotions (Vaseline) costs about RM40+ for the same size, hence adding another RM10+ for a really good quality lotion (Crabtree and Evelyn) is definitely worth the price! I have dry skins and after using the the body lotion and hand cream from Crabtree and Evelyn, my skins are no longer dry and is moisture all the time! 

Alright, I think that's it for now...What do you think of my very first blog? I hope you don't fall asleep by the time you are reading this hahaa. 


  1. Hah!! Kit Shen,what blue devil??! Is champion! lol

    Nice start for Jing Yi, but macam abit promoting camera and shopping eh? More interested in you 2 punya UK life mah #kepo xD
    And more photossss please.

    But still thumbs up for you 2 punya blog,keep it up ;)

    Anyway,Kit Shen, is DAIN court, not DEAN court!Im gonna tell them don't let you in from now on. =p

    1. K lo.....PAISEH :3 enjoy ur trip