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Sunday, 26 June 2011

IdeaL Your Own Photography : Landscape

Sometime, u may saw some amazing postcard or wallpaper with great landscape photograph, and u tried to use your own digital camera to capture it while u travelling in that particular place, at the end u can't get it what you want. so u start blaming ur own digital camera equipment or disappointment

Well, there are several rules or references which guide you to capture what u want, no matter you are using DSLR or compact cameras. Believe what you have

These are the way of composing :

1) The rule of thirds

Place your object to the left or right of the frame and not at the center. This is a very useful element to position your subject into your frame.

2) Horizontal line

Let your frame have 2/3 of the clouds or ground, either way ask yourself which u want to emphasize, give your shots more depth and interest Also look for interesting clouds to compose together with ur subject, not blanket clouds but scattered clouds.

3) Lines

Look for interesting lines to frame ur photography, u never knew how these lines will amaze your photography ^^

"In learning how to use the rule of thirds (and then to break it) the most important questions to be asking of yourself are:

  • What are the points of interest in this shot?
  • Where am I intentionally placing them?

Once again – remember that breaking the rule can result in some striking shots – so once you’ve learnt it experiment with purposely breaking it to see what you discover.


Photography is everything. These rules not meant to be followed, is just a guide for you to have quality photo. RULE ARE MEANT to BE BROKE. If u break these rule with producing good photograph, you meet more than the eye ^^

* "the digital photography book 2 " by scott kelby

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