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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

ItS StreeT PhOtoGraPhy !!!

Well, this was my first outing with the taylors photography club. It was pretty interesting though and i really have alot of fun. Thx to our organizer, SaiFUL .

I meet alot of experiences photographers whom come with many gears =_=, meet new frends and of cause..killed my time :D.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Go B&W !

MY very first Black And White attempt. :D. After reading those B&W so called"theory book", it seem that not simple as i though. It requires some idealogy...........concepts.........meanings.......and bla bla bla. I kinda frustrated with those book, so i just straight do it in pp ( photoshop), do get some hand on those pictures. Not sure how good it was =.=''''. Do feel free to comment on my those picture :D

Hope u guys enjoy:


2) This was photograph by my very impressed of his skill though :D

Sunday, 17 April 2011

My CheNg MeNg

Me and my brother never miss our Cheng Meng trip before in our life, not a single once. We always have so much fun during cheng meng.We played with the silver money, (paper stuff  like shirts and shoe), and etc.

Years by Years, more and more relative started to show up. I was glad to see so much of people, cause i can left my heavy work to them :P. For the pass 15 years, me and my brother were so busy just to cleaning up, throwing and burning paper and followed some other traditional rules procedure. Now.....i can enjoyed so much more. XD . This year, we have the most number of people attending the cheng meng since 15 years ago.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

My LoVely CouSins ^ ^ Y

ITS Holiday ! WOHO ~ !

Finally i have the time to organise my bunch of stock photos. Well mostly all of them were from my cousins gathering event. I do enjoyed having time with them. Jokes, chats, and some 38 news too :D .

I have a HUGE Big family. i have 6 uncle and 7 aunts. I think our family have the largest group in our village XP