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Sunday, 26 June 2011

IdeaL Your Own Photography: RAW!

Ideal Of RAW 
What Is RAW ?
- Shooting in raw give u ability to edit any details in the picture (colours, exposure, white balance, and etc). Raw file (picture) contains raw data from ur camera sensor which give u the flexibilty to do image processing.

Many people have the concept of raw which is the ideal of cheating . Well, thank to raw, u can have so much control over ur shoots. Its not helping ur less successful shots, instead is enriching the quality of Ur SHOOTS


1) overall is dark, but got the texture (dust) on the window

2) overall is bright, the texture (dust ) on the window seem less

3) with processing raw, u got balance exposure with the the texture (dust ) on the window

Use Raw At All Time ?

Erm, i would say use raw format whenever possible. However Raw format consume more of ur memory space and take longer time to record to ur memory. Thus some photographer tends to shoot in Jpeg in rapid continuous shoot in case missing the best shot. ( sports and etc )

Examples Edited Raw Pictures:

              Original RAW Image                                                                       Edited Raw Image


Digital magazine issue 60 " what the hell is raw" pg 54-46 

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