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Sunday, 26 June 2011

IdeaL Your Own Photography: Cheap studio

Idea Of Cheap Studio At Home

STUDIO doesn't have to big with Expensive thingy, in fact every can set up their very own uniqe studio. Well this is mine :
( statue set up )

i used: 1) Majong Papper
           2) Toys
           3) A4 paper
           4) A metal tray

At first of the few shot was terrible though, hard flash, wrong composition 

 ( Hard Flash )

 ( Composition erm.....)

So, to correct my hard flash, i uesd tissue to wrap around my internal flash to act as a diffuser and the result was pretty awesome. The second problem was the shadow 

Then i used my Metal tray to act as a reflector and a A4 white paper. Here is he result :

(shadow on the faces are lighter)
This is my reflctor and diffuser:


i used: 1) Blue manila cards
           2) A 30W Light source
           3) Tripod
           4) Cup of water
           5) A bottle with TWO pin holes

In fact, this was the hardest shots i have ever photograph. It may seem easy though. I took 300 shots and i only got one perfect shot. I aim my focus point a little below of  my water droplet point instead of right center . Secondly, i make my drop point as higher as possible so i can have longer period to release my shutter   So here is some of the result: 

 (Angle ....)

(too early)

(Almost there)

(spot ON)

Idea Of Cheap Studio < 2 > 

How to really shoot a product like a pro. I duno :D. Before i went to shot the products, i do some homework with it and i found out it required some " special" gear which i dun have T.T. However i have learnt the tecniq. So, i make use of the baby gears i have it in that office

i used:
*5 clean A3 paper
*4 continue source light (which the company have it :D )
*my majong paper 

at first shoots it was like this 

bad shodow and unclean background
So, i improved it with adding reflector and light sources and turned out to be this way

less shadow
then i edit further with photoshop CS5 :D

Well, it seem they quite impressed of it and guess what, i took another over 200 shot tets for this product shots to get this result (trial and error). > <

and this is how i play with the light XD

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