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Sunday, 26 June 2011

KiDs in BiG BatHtuBs

^^ my first photo shooting during my semester breaK ! Lucky, i have to chance to photograph kids during bathing.


IdeaL Your Own Photography : Landscape

Sometime, u may saw some amazing postcard or wallpaper with great landscape photograph, and u tried to use your own digital camera to capture it while u travelling in that particular place, at the end u can't get it what you want. so u start blaming ur own digital camera equipment or disappointment

Well, there are several rules or references which guide you to capture what u want, no matter you are using DSLR or compact cameras. Believe what you have

These are the way of composing :

1) The rule of thirds

IdeaL Your Own Photography: HDR

Idea Of HDR (High Dynamic Range)

HDR which allow Your pictures to reveal more detail in shadow and highlight than a normal shotting pictures. Thus creating a well balance exposure for the overall picture.

Example :

IdeaL Your Own Photography: Cheap studio

Idea Of Cheap Studio At Home

STUDIO doesn't have to big with Expensive thingy, in fact every can set up their very own uniqe studio. Well this is mine :
( statue set up )

i used: 1) Majong Papper
           2) Toys
           3) A4 paper
           4) A metal tray

IdeaL Your Own Photography: RAW!

Ideal Of RAW 
What Is RAW ?
- Shooting in raw give u ability to edit any details in the picture (colours, exposure, white balance, and etc). Raw file (picture) contains raw data from ur camera sensor which give u the flexibilty to do image processing.

Many people have the concept of raw which is the ideal of cheating . Well, thank to raw, u can have so much control over ur shoots. Its not helping ur less successful shots, instead is enriching the quality of Ur SHOOTS


1) overall is dark, but got the texture (dust) on the window

Saturday, 11 June 2011

SeKinChan ~o~

First Post of the month =D, finally have the free time to update my blog .

Back to sekinchan Again during the week after mother days, which mean .........PHOTO SHOOTING !!! :D

THis was my first time shooting pictures from early in the morning (6am) to dawn and dusk (8pm). And this is my pictures :

1) woke up at 6.30am just to take this amazing scenery.