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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

WhAt MoOn ?! .......OMG

In 19th March, everyone was discussing about the size of the moon, well some of us said it was super bright and some of us said is just normal, some even said i don't care (me). However, during my danbo 2 project shot at night 12.00pm, i saw the difference (OMG) , its not just the size of the moon, is the brightness of the moon that reflected on the sea bed of cloud and the blue contrast of (parts) clear sky blue , and it was really interesting,

 i have never seen it before.

So, i quickly set up my tripod and started to shot it. Here is my result:

Its STARS, it was all over the roof top .......2 min shutter ( not long enough)
I dint manage to capture the image of the moon cause i don't have that kind of gear ><. However, me and my brother have alot fun during that night.We rushed at different spot to capture different groups of cloud. in that 30 min ! the cloud already went 10km away from us (i guess), it was way to far for us to capture.

Just noticed that, it wasn't really that easy shotting at clouds image =.=''' and unpridictable clouds shape 

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