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Saturday, 5 March 2011

BreakFaSt ShOtS

Well, another bright morning just started and i rosed up with full spirits to take my morning Shots.

Somehow, i couldn't find anything interesting to compose my picture. So i decided to took a HDR (high dynamic range) image on an OLd BMW Classic car which had parked at my area for over 10 years. And here is the result :

Recently, im finding a remote shutter to buy it, so i can put a test on BULB Mode, i really looking forward to play with some light trails cause i got my self a second hand tripod from my cousin :D , so LuCKY ! 

Click My second page To learn the way of HDR > < ! (ideal of photography) 


  1. too much glow = not good HDR!

  2. i have commemted in the chat box liao :D thx for the comment