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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

LaTe ViSit KamPunG

BACK to Sekinchan for weekend trip ! This just not only a family trip but also a photo session trip for me :D. Sekinchan recently has become a popular tourist spot. People from all over the country love to spend their one day trip at this place. And of cause, sekinchan has awesome view of beach and peddy field which attract many photographer to pay a visit.

(photo by keayao)

We usually pay a visit to my lovely grandma and My aunt when we reach there. HM! New Cats ! 

(A kitten)
According to my aunt, These two cats sneak into my aunt's van in the market and she brought them home. 
Then i decided to went to beach to take some sunset shots. However due to some circumstances, i was LATE ! and miss out . T.T .But hey, there is a Dawn. And this is the result: 

We have a night at my grandma house and i saw some very interesting  photographs.


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