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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

MeLaKa TriP !!!!

IT was a really interesting photo street shooting trip which organise by the taylor photography club ^^Y.

Its been awhile since the last time i escaped from this busy academy life. I finally can tasted the freedom and the enjoyment with my baby gear, shooting around MeLaka !! ^^Y YEAPEE !!

I went there with bunch of photography enthusiasts from taylor uni, we start shooting from 12noon to 8 night. They went shooting with different small group in melaka, But i went shooting  ALL ALONE !! ^^Y. 

The last time i went melaka with my college mate, i missed out alot of spot, so this time, i took my chance 

went alone to all the places in melaka by foot, and no one is in my way ! muahahahah. 

and some old shops :

Shooting at stranger still a difficult task for me, and all i got was these shot: 

so i decided to shoot something simple, maybe i should say WAYY TOO SIMPLE ! =3=

and some candid shots ! : D 

and of coz never miss out the night scene ! 


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