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Sunday, 23 October 2011

SuPeR DuPer hIgLy aCtiVe DOG

I have never seen a dog would chase the ball in a mad crazy way. =o= ''

so i think this might be a good chance for me to shoot picture of it. Since this dog are so attractive to balls, i used the ball to attract his eye view to my camerea ^^Y, and let him DRIFT around the garden while i shooting at him/her. seriously....this dog really sprint...drift..... chasing the ball like mad none stop, banging the wall and the flower pot. the only way to stop him/she is cornering or let the ball stuck  . =3= WALOU!

1) let me out...let me out....let me out....

2) muahahah FREEDOM!! VROM~~vrom! 

 3) this ball IS MINE !!!

4)heh...heh....heh.....give back to me .....

 5) and he/she sweat.......SWEAT ALOT =o= , that's the only way he/she stop


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