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Monday, 31 August 2015

As a Graduate student :), what I have learnt.

FuraH! is time to say  goodbye to all the studies :D. Finally i'm proud to say that I am a graduate engineer. on surviving through your university life.

First of all, there isn't any tips on surviving, your university life is isn't about surviving, is about making failure! Yes FAILURE. Your tuition fee is paid for you to face "failure". (sarcasm)

Failure can be anything, it could be your grades, relationships. job search, your assignment plans, blah , blah blah . Anything that you wish not to happen. Failures can be really annoying and to spoil your mood.No one like failures, everyone has failures, even superman has failures. 


My ultimate believe is that failures will make you stronger, YOLO make you stronger. My parents always told me

'you are still young, you can afford failure, you have nothing to loose, deal with it like a boss'  
when you fail, you will gain something, and that thing is your experiences, well in RPG gaming you usually gain more EXP when you win than you lost in game, so which mean if you have 0 win, you have more exp.....wait....that doesn't sound right :3 . Hmmm how should i put it.

Anyway, I have treated my failures and other peoples' failure as my motivations. and it works out perfectly well i guess. I have graduated, i even found my graduate job before graduating, i got a really good scores on my final year project which i haveaimed for, basically I'm really happy what i am now today, but i want more.I keep telling myself graduating wasn't my goal, my dreams doesn't stop here, from now on, everything is just a beginning. 

Oh yeah, remember that i have promised to upload a picture on every meal that i've cooked, forget about it, my meal still taste great but not as good as the Malaysia restaurant, so that promise is a FAILURE!  not entirely my fault can u compare to those real chef in Malaysia , im just a ordinary armature chef mah.....i dont have those kind of tool........they smart mah, got people teach ler .....blah blah blah (keep whining).........

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