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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sekinchan Again x2 ^^

yeap another photo trip to sekinchan ^^Y hehe

i didn't really expected many tourist will came to sekinchan during the school breaks, the traffic was jam and even worst than Chinese new year @.@

when i reached the beach, lucky it was low tide and found a vary interesting foreground interest, i quickly ran there, ran further away from any tourist, walk over tony sharp rock, quickly set up my tripod and took this picture of sea mud. WALA~! got myself another favorite picture ! ^^Y   

what is the cost of taking this picture? tripod get dirty, leg covered with sea mug, lens full of dust, and even attracted other enthusiasts photographer following me and sharing my spot =3= ( i was like owning that spot like a boss !) 

 yet, the cost for this picture was totally worth it !! :) .


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