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Friday, 3 February 2012

MY WaY of ChINeS NEw YeAr 2012

Yes and FINally !!! IS Chines New Year! which mean another photo celebration for me ^^ 

 Surprisingly, dad allowed me to drive back to kampung, sekinchan. Usually i have to stick with my mom and dad whenever they go in sekinchan . Now I have the FREEDOM to go anywhere i like in my hometown ...YEPE!!

Then i start planing which site should i go for photo shooting in different day. What to shoot....where to shoot........ who to shoot : ).

so i started of with photographing foodS!! Every Chinese new year, my dad's family always had this awesome EPIC MEAL TIME  where our Honorable and Dedicated chef have to serve up to 10++ dishes to feed 20++ or 15++ people.

so we had chickens, vegetables, duck meat, seafood, and ..........................................

it may seem too much for u but surprisingly, they able to finish everything o.0. ?! BTw , every meal was too awesome.

so every after meal, 5-6 pm, i will drive down to the beach for photo hunting ^^, especially the sunset scenery.


Somehow, that beach has attracted many tourist and photographer. and ....i dont want them to be in my i quickly look for ...i so called the hidden spot ^^ and owning it like my own property like a boss  . equipped my cheapo tripod and ready for my sunset photo.

muahaha!!  no one is in my way~~ finally ! : )

caught this wave with slow shutter speed :) ...i always wanted to do this shoot  

me and my cousins gather up all our slippers 

right after the sunset......twilight~~!! 

caught this picture when everyone ( tourist and locals) left that place....and im still remaining there capturing pictures ^^ LIKE A BOSS

all this Picture cost me a tripod T3T, time to get new one
*Benro 550EX or Jusino 255 ? recommend anyone ? o.0  

and well ...fireworks ~~ something that is not gonna miss.. IS time for LIGHT PAINTING!! 

u can try to search google for this Technic though, all u need is a camera and a tripod.... >.O  

In the 3rd day of CNY.... i went to paddy field for photo shoot with my cousin .... in MORNING! yeap first time in CNY getting up early  ( 8 am )just to photo shoot. What a big sacrifices eh ~ ?!


and the rest of the day was having fun with all the cousins : ) 

we had these funny game and the winner of the prize will be RM5 ringgit ^^ well one of the prize is rm 5 and others are rm50 =3=

 my favorite candid picture^^

and the "artificial" ghost picture :) 

overall i had a great CNY .... i took over 800 shot during my cny in usual ...only 40+ pictures are selected =3= 
looking forward for the NEXT CNY 2013!!



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