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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

MiNd CoNtrOL Wheel-ChAiR

Yeap!! is something seem merely impossible but yet........the most anticipating technology 


Wheel Chair

i was really honored being invited by my fren......the group leader.....joining this team as our semester project. He gathered the best of the best members  :D. We have Sam, Gan,, Chong Wei, Jing Yi, and me ^^.

We been given erm...14weeks or 15 ? not really sure though, for completing this task.

We were so lucky that we got sponsor a motorize wheel chair. It look old and rusty. so we transform it from



 i wonder how does it look when it's come with pink ?! :D

this is the flyer and the poster for advertising our ideal of wheel chair .

We started this project b4 the semester start, just hoping to speed things up, somehow......we complete at last minute :D

At first, we thought this project was just to fulfill our course mark, somehow our project has attracted the media (TV7 and TV3 ) ...the reporters...all kind of attention =3=.

Beside, this semester projects was suppose to compete each other group to win the 4 out of 20 or 11 award tittle. We were so looking forward to win 3 of them ( marketing potential award, best ergonomics design, best poster design, CAD design) but....we lost T3T. lol i was so disappointing on my poster design =3=, put so much effort on researching foreign country's advertising ads .

but we dont really care that much though. XD

We really have so much fun !!! and at least we got into TV >3<

These are the 2011 dec Engineering fair pictures XD, BTw i super hate the design of the Engineering T-shirt, wonder who choose that chocolate color .....bad taste =3=        :

members from the other groups

when mind control wheel chair being operated manually .......things gotta funnier

and when fast driver experienced the slow drive

our female mind operator

video :

THE END ....

hehe no specification of wheel chair are reveled......still under top secret :D since we are the first in malaysia ><

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