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Monday, 29 August 2011

Hi Strangers ^^ Y

Taking pictures of strangers seem abit awkward, somehow i found that it was really interesting. Is not that they look funny or something else, is their facial expression of moment that hardly been seen in any photographer's pictures :D

I saw a magazine that giving tips of photographing on strangers, they said:

1) ask permission b4 u photograph at them
- coz some people don't really like to be photograph, if u want to shoot at them, give them a smile, if they show u an anger expression or .....u know. just turn away. People also don't like to be photograph while have lunch or dinner.

2) interacting with ur subject
- walk toward them and have a little conversation with them, then get a picture of them. Malaysian people are friendly :D. them the picture u have taken on them, people always love to review back their own image.

And these are the friendly strangers i have taken :

took this picture during the chealse asia tour. i asked him for a picture, turn out ......he even ask his frend to join :D 
p/s: is he supporting chealse or what....? =3= y is he wearing hitam kuning ~ hitam kuning~ 

the 4.0.4 Brother :D 

i asked their parents permission to take picture of their son ^^. that child trying to be like me XD 

happy family ^^Y  yeah

and of coz, strangers become friends :D 
meet her at sunway 

refer to magazine ( digital camera magazine ) 

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