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Sunday, 17 April 2011

My CheNg MeNg

Me and my brother never miss our Cheng Meng trip before in our life, not a single once. We always have so much fun during cheng meng.We played with the silver money, (paper stuff  like shirts and shoe), and etc.

Years by Years, more and more relative started to show up. I was glad to see so much of people, cause i can left my heavy work to them :P. For the pass 15 years, me and my brother were so busy just to cleaning up, throwing and burning paper and followed some other traditional rules procedure. Now.....i can enjoyed so much more. XD . This year, we have the most number of people attending the cheng meng since 15 years ago.

We usually arrived at 7.00pm and took us some time to walk up the hill.

I was amazed by the sunrise and the sea bed of clouds, i quickly .........( u know what im gonna do XD)

As usual, we start ! they start doing their job.....

1) amazing view ( good feng sui)


3)apparently the photo of our ancestor was gone, we have no idea was it stolen or ....something else ..(does this happen to u guys ?)

4) very weird formation of clouds =.=


6)behind of guardians XD


8) not inside there :D

9)My dad


 11)seeking lottery number ( they won b4 a big price during last cheng meng)

 12)silver papers 

 13)nice clouds

 14)that's me nothing :D   

 15)that was how i used to be :D

 16)umbrella SSSSS 

 17)boy take it .....



 20) very ............ya rite...he is asking lottery number la 

 21)that pink umbrella :D

 22)incase the first lottery number doesn't make it, double insurance :D 

 23)spotted mini tornado

 24)very cute strawberry umbrella 


26) dinner at relative house, spotted beautiful led light :D

The END ! 
looking forward for the next year cheng meng

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  1. seems like your job was just taking photo nia,lol