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Thursday, 24 February 2011

ChIna ThRouGh My EyE

During CNY, in all sudden, mom and dad decide to go china to celebrate CNY. I was so excited to get my hand on shooting picture in winter. We went Harbin and Beijing. Although the trip was over budget, i got myself many shoots of pictures.

1) The Great WAll- i was lucky to meet the first day of snow at great wall. No tourist XD 

2) Distances

3) Ray of Hope - That is my model XD, brother (Keith) 

4) Penguin Walk ? 

5) The Great Wall 

6) End of a Day

7) Half Frozen River

8) WTH 

9) Sharpness 

10) Candid shoot- meet this young beautiful lady 

11)Er xxxxx Temple XD 

12) Seem Familiar ?- always appear in drama shows

13) SnoooW ! 

14) Fully Frozen Lake- skate ? XD 

15) Dawn 

Hope U enjoyed my Pictures ^o^ Y


  1. You can be a photographer, you know? Great photos =D

  2. Wow great photos! You can be a photographer, =D